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Author Topic: EWIII East Bloc Mess AAR  (Read 935 times)
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-3 'hot' meals per day for at least 90% of troops

-Meals on time, every time

-Cook ahead by approx 1 hour and hold in mermites for serving or forward deployment


-Only a few times were meals ready to serve as scheduled

-First half of week cook was also admin, supply, armorer and driver

-Required work for kitchen is too much for one person - even full time

-Recipes still produce too much food

-Overall food was better and more filling

-Use of large canned/instant foods sped up prep for some meals

-Multiple MBUs sped up cooking of meals and hot water

-MBUs still not best method for heating water - get immersion heater

-KP needed after every meal - do not build up

-Battery power for MBUs hard to maintain without 28v genny

-Kitchen too cluttered with Sanitation co-located

-Use of individual salt and pepper packets well liked

-GI cooler very efficient in keeping perishable cool

-Mobile cabinets helped organize utensils and ingredients

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