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Author Topic: EWIII East Bloc main convoy Mobilization AAR  (Read 928 times)
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All drivers and riders to arrive at Warehouse 4490 to finalize loadout and depart NLT 1200 12 March 2010

Main Convoy to consist of

C Turbo Deuce towing BTR on Equipment trailer
Driver - tascabe
pass- misha

D Turbo Deuce
Driver - marbles
pass- cannon fodder

To pick up Hank enroute in his POV

Follow on convoy
Moon to pick up Rabbit at airport and then pick up trailer with UAZ and head to campsite (airport pickup ~1800)

Main Convoy to proceed to EB campsite and Murphy lakes

Set up at least on tent (messhall tent) before calling it a night


-BTR trailer was not 100% ready to go by 12 March AM - lunette ring needed remounting

-Too much stuff was left to finish on 12 March AM - unable to complete by 1200 deadline

-Deuces were not fully fueled prior to 12 March - had to make runs to get them fueled up

-Fuel cans likewise not filled before 12 March AM

-Packing still "one man show" due to poor organization and marking of equipment and lack of packing plan

-Main convoy departed Warehouse 4490 ~1800


-Ensure all vehicles are fueled and ready to go prior to kick off day

-Mark equipment better and develop packing plan for vehicles

-Be "fully" packed prior to kick off day


-At least on Deuce was fully loaded on a work weekend prior - continue this and expand to cover most of the gear needed

-UAZ was loaded on the trailer the weekend before and ready to go.

All in all still an improvement over EWII from this side. Still much room for improvement before EWIV though..
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