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Author Topic: Equipment AAR: SB-22A/PT Switchboard  (Read 1096 times)
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Item:  SB-22A/PT switchboard.

The Plan: 

The SB-22 was to again be used as the primary switchboard for US/NATO troops.  In years past the SB-22 has worked but has proven balky at times in particular with it’s operator packs.  This year Trucker and I rehabbed the entire system replacing many bad or goofy modules and adding in a brand new operator pack.   It was hoped that this would yield us a year of trouble free switchboard use. 

The Performance: 

The SB-22 was deployed by Ben fairly early on in the event.  We did not run any long phone lines this year due to manpower shortages and overall civilian/goat traffic patterns in the most useful locations so 100% of our lines were fairly short lines basically used to ring people and let them know when they needed to get up for watch and stuff like that.  Angela even had a TA-312 in her pup tent! 

Reliability seemed to be pretty good, much to our surprise/glee we had no operator pack problems and as long as the guys on comms watch remembered to unplug the cord at the end of the call everything seemed to work just fine. 


Sustain performing pre-deployment maintenance and testing.     

Purchase more line packs, we are getting pretty low on those these days

Deploy fewer parts with the SB-22, we do not need that many spares in the field since we rarely do serious repairs on this component in the field. 

Manufacture an NRI plug to allow the SB-22 to interface with the radio systems so radio calls can be placed via the phone systems.

Add a tone adaptor so that if we again find ourselves located near a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) we can tie the SB-22 into it and place local phone calls from field phones as well. 

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