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Tensions have risen greatly within the last 24 hours in Czechoslovakia. Pro-Democracy demonstrations reached such a crescendo yesterday and last night as to force Czech President Husak to the bargaining table. Meetings regarding the demands of the pro-democracy movement are to occur tomorrow, the 12th of March. Until that time the leaders of the pro-democracy movement have agreed to a cease fire of sorts and the government has agreed to dispatch Czech troops to provide “security” for the Soviet units that have been based in Czechoslovakia since the 1968 uprising.  

6th Brigade is increasing its readiness in anticipation of possible hostile actions from Soviet or Warsaw Pact forces in reaction to the Czech situation.  

The remaining units of the 315th RRC are to relieve in place the 42nd Engineer company and take over responsibility for border security at the Jahnke Mine Complex NLT 13 March 0900. The purpose of this mission is to free up a combat capable unit in order to bring overall 6th Brigade readiness up to it’s fullest. Key tasks related to this mission shall be moving from barracks to the Jahnke Mine Complex with remaining 315th RRC assets, take over of the physical site and aggressive near security patrolling. End state shall be defined as 42nd Engineers relieved as rapidly as possible and 315th RRC in place and combat capable on time.  

Trucks 6025, 6035, and 6025 are to depart the barracks at 1100 hours on 12 March with the advance party. Upon arrival, the advance party will immediately relieve the 42nd engineers and begin setting in place 315th RRC equipment. The balance of 315th RRC personnel will arrive on site piecemeal as they return from their now cancelled leaves.  

Service and Support:
315th RRC will not have priority fire or air support.  

315th RRC will be supported by 1 MKT-85 Kitchen Trailer supplied by Brigade support.  

1 light armored scout car will be assigned to 315th RRC from the 11th Hussars (British) for the duration of the operation.  

Command and Signal:
315th RRC units moving into position are to communicate on 55.5 MHz during the transportation phase.  

Once in position, 315th RRC will coordinate with British Scout unit and determine a local comms plan that will allow intercommunication between units.  

315th RRC will at all times monitor the 502nd Infantry command net at 45.8 MHz

315th will communicate with friendly air assets on 243.0 MHz with a back up frequency of 255.0 MHz
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you have 2 6025 trucks?

11th hussars? So i gotta be a cherry picker huh?


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