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Author Topic: What is East Wind based on? What is the scenario?  (Read 1550 times)
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East Wind is loosely based on a 'what if' concept. What if the Berlin Wall did not come down and the USSR and its allies were still going strong in the early to mid 1990's.

So we have NATO vs WARSAW Pact.

Each year's scenario will likely be different but will usually involve some section of border between East and West Germany.

East Wind I was loosely based on a NATO Operation called Able Archer 83 and its Soviet response Operation RYAN.
Many historians beleive this to the closest the Cold War ever got to going hot - really hot as in nuclear.

For EWI, an added element was inserted to trigger the event. In the scenario, a small nuclear strike occured against the massed Soviet units. The resulting EMP knocked out radios leaving both sides in the dark as to what was going on except via updates by land lines or courier. The Soviets beleived this was an attack by NATO and commenced their assualt into Germany. The section of border where EWI took place was not involved in the mass armies and consisted of an undersized Soviet Recon Company and its local East German Grentztruppen facing off against the West German Border Guards and a undersized US Signal Company.
Throughout the next 6 days raids and probes were conducted by both sides. On the 6th day, word reached these units about the true cause of the nuclear detonation.
The Red Army Faction, a militant left-wing terrorist group, had detonated a small nuclear device. They had hoped to start a war that would allow the Soviets to overrun NATO and spread communism into Western Europe.
Once this was confirmed, both sides returned to their previous postitions and stood down.

What will this year's East Wind be based on? That is classified information and the best way to find out is to attend EWII.
I can assure you that it will not be the same event. New land, more equipment and of course a new scenario.
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Also bear in mind that EASTWIND's level of realism is based from a "Historical Reenacting meets Airsoft" perspective.  That means, recreating as much detail an historical period as possible.  The clothing, the tactics, the lifeways, the food, you name it.  There is no reason that a Soviet or NATO soldier of the period couldn't "fall out of the sky" and land at EASTWIND and not "feel at home".

When you make it as real as possible, it begins to feel that way while you're going through it.


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