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Author Topic: Fieldcraft Weekends Are Back - October Land Nav Class  (Read 506 times)
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Day/Night Land Nav Weekend Training

14 & 15 October 2017

Near DeKalb, Missouri (Near Kansas City, between Atchison and St Joe)
CWG will be offering an open enrollment day/night land navigation course Saturday 14 October and Sunday 15 October 2017.
Cost for the class is $25 per person.
Only pre-registration is accepted for our planning, and so we can print the provided class materials for each student.
Register now:
This course is suitable for anyone who moves about where there are not roads. If you are not totally comfortable with a map and compass, you spend too much time with GPS and worry it may not always work, or it's been a long time since you had a refresher, this is your opportunity to learn more.
This is not an orienteering course geared for the general outdoorsman, but like we always did in the old East Wind training, is specifically designed for teams operating with specific objectives such as military, police, and search & rescue. Communications, planning, teamwork during movement, safe movement at night, and light discipline are all parts of this course. Bring your whole team and learn together!
You must bring:
  • A quality compass, of almost any sort
  • If a USGI lensatic compass, the corresponding protractor or roamer
  • Pace count beads
  • Clothing, footwear and wet/cold weather gear suitable for hiking in the woods
  • Water (bottles or bladder) for hiking in the woods
  • A low powered red or red-filtered flashlight
  • A notebook (waterproof preferred), and pen or pencil for field exercises

NOTE ON COMPASSES: If you are not sure you have a quality compass, contact us to confirm, and discuss what a more suitable one is for your needs. Guide to buying a good compass
You are also encouraged to bring a larger notepad to take class notes with, any other land navigation tools you use, a GPS or GNSS-enabled device (including a phone or tablet with a suitable app), night vision, or any other items you use when hiking in the woods or performing your work in such environments.
CWG will provide printed maps, printed classroom materials and handouts, and radios for portions of the field exercise.
Night vision and accessories such as helmets and mounts will be available for rent if there is sufficient interest.
To keep costs down, and since it is near town, food and lodging is not provided. On site tent camping (no RVs) will be available or you may stay in Atchison Kansas, or St Joseph Missouri. Both are about 15 minutes away from the training area.
Bring lunch with you for Saturday. Break time (or static classroom time) will be provided for you to eat.
Time will be provided to go into town for dinner on Saturday, and for you to have breakfast before training starts on Sunday.

See the course plan, schedule and get more info here:

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