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Author Topic: WTS - King Arms FALs  (Read 667 times)
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« on: October 25, 2016, 05:40:23 pm »

Finished up a few King Arms FALs (still have more to do...)

First up is a Para version - mid length barrel and folding stock - Gearbox is stock and unopened - has a Matrix Prometheus Type 6.03mm x 469mm inner barrel. chronos at 355fps with .2g - $470 plus shipping

Next is a more proper length full stock FAL. (it is still a tiny bit shorter than real steel...) It too has a stock unopened gearbox but has a G&P 6.05 x 509mm inner barrel - choronos at 370fps with .2g - $350 plus shipping

Last in this batch is the full stock mid length carbine - this is completely stock KA - chronos 375fps with .2g - $365 plus shipping

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