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Author Topic: Steve's ISO/for sale/trade thread  (Read 1123 times)
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I seem to always have a few things I'm in search of or for sale/trade and have found a need to consolidate them both for memory's sake and to have a place to send people who are interested. I'll do my best to keep this updated as things change. Prices shown are what I'm posting publicly. Obviously feel free to offer whatever you want in trades, I'm motivated to help out guys I know Smiley
Pics to follow asap.

ISO list:
USMC tarp
stomp 2 med bag or similar
vertx sling bag
mayflower/ferro pc
optics are always good


Skedko Pak 1 jumpable med pack $100

LAPG 3 day pack (od) - decent quality, just don't need it. Works great with the pack cover $25
Med ALICE waterproof cover - actually waterproof, made this from a waterproof bag. The intention was to make a waterproof ghillie cover but I've since moved on to other pack formats for my primaries. Sized to fit the pack without much attached to the outside, with or without frame. $30

Bunkerboxes double rifle crate - holds 2 rifles or one support gun centrally. Was sized to fit my stoner with attached box mag and is long enough to hold an M16. If you've got funky guns I can make different blocks that drop down inside to hold other rifles. Sized to fit a double rifle soft bag inside if that's your preferred method of carry. $100

Rifle display $40

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