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Author Topic: Milsim West game in Farminton MO  (Read 11101 times)
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Unfortunately they do not appear to be on the market just yet.  Tag showed it off for the first time earlier this year.
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Ah rgr

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My full AAR is basically a timeline of what I experienced over the 50 hours Milsim West claimed the game would cover.  As of now, it is redacted.

Personal Sustains and Improves

Plan:  Bring adequate food and water for the operation
Sustain!  I had one unopened MRE left, and besides a complete fill up on my backup water I walked off the field with 1.5 liters of the 5 liters I humped in.  If I didn't top off a bottle while waiting on saterday then I would have ran to 0 liters by the time I walked back to the cars.
Note:  hotter weather will need me to bring more water, or plan on a fillup from local sources

Plan:  Play this game out of my LBE and Ruck Sack, Bivouac instead of using large tents housing extra gear
Sustain!  I used 90% of my gear, with the extra being socks and some cold weather.  I was very happy with my speed at packing the ruck when told to do so.  Always being one of the first ready to go (being the example too for the squad)
The civy Butane stove worked out great making warm drinks for the squad on Saterday Morning.  Its weight to warm-water ratio is well worth rucking
I'm still happy with the Large ALICE pack and don't think I will explore newer packs yet.   
Choosing a space to sleep tactically on Saterday evening I ensured that one squad could wake up and cover the road to protect the others as they huddled around bon fires.  I wish NATO attacked that night

Plan:  Be a squad leader (after turning down the roll weeks before when asked)
Improve all around here.
I could not keep the squad together, as members would frequently leave to hang out with their friends.  Some examples that ate away at my "give a shit" meter were 1. right after contact/assault on Saturday morning.  I couldn't get LACE reports and consolidate the sqd because some people would rather tell their friends about their awesome kills.  2. Bivaucing Saturday night I immediately lost track of the same members who choose to camp with their friends.  Add the fact that our Platoon Leader set up a LP/OP for security, now my squad had two less shifts available to cover it because these guys were gone.  Let alone if we were assaulted and had to move

which brings me into the next leadership improve

Attitude:  When lost heading towards the Patrol Base, I was very quick to loudly criticize those leading us through this strange AO.  I did try to help, but met resistance in form of "pace count and a map? LOL we have GPS!"  And the head of the group continued as normal.
A sustain here is I did start formulating a plan for if we needed to spend the night out there with limited food, water, and cold weather kit.  I had a timeline set for when to give the ultimatum to the leaders that we need to bivoauc with fires and shelter, contact command and sit tight until the morning (a plan that luckily, we didn't need to go to)
But still, I shouldn't have gripped and in hindsight I know I did not help with the morale of the others around me.  So cheer up!

Fix:  Leadership: I want to say the game "didn't matter" enough for me to get mean with the squad mates to force them to stick together.  They payed to play this game, that is not mine, with no real leadership above me asking "where are your guys?"  A 1st sgt Shaeffer or Mercy could have motivated me to improve this on the spot, but I didn't see a need for it

Fix:  Attitude:  I'm getting to an age where there are younger and less experienced players than me.  Gotta stay cool and collected even if my tempers are rising.  Only way to keep respect

Improve:  Orientating/Land Nav:  We got lost.  I realized I was used to DDay in Oklahoma and was of limited help to finding a specific point on the map in Missouri.
I did trust in our point man in the beginning and didn't do much double checking besides watch the compass, so when we knew we were lost we had to guess where we were by the terrain (narrowed down to two points, 300m away from each other)
Fix:  I need to be taught this EW style.  I need to learn it and practice orienteering to gain confidence, so I need to set aside time.


Limited ammo, sustain... it was nice, it was milsim
blank fire, sustain... scared the shit out of me when a guy shot one off next to me and I didn't see him coming (friendly, but still, next to an AK)

Improve:  Use of AO
The AO had a mountain, fun... but did they NEED to use it?  All that land in between the mountain and the cars could have been in play.  And all we did was spend a day moving into the AO, then assaulted the mountain.  Much more operating time could have been gained had we played in front of the thing instead of on top

RUSFOR Leadership: 
If you were there, you know.  Shit can them and start fresh

comradeity of players
A group of NATO players followed us out of the AO after Endex... they insulted us at every turn. (start sarcasm) Yeah it was fun playing with you guys too!  Lets share stories, ask questions about guns and kit!.  (end sarcasm)  Worst part, one of the MILSIM West staff was with them.  And he made no effort to stomp that shit out.  We were all out there for the weekend, and its a game

I also have two questions for myself that I can't answer yet

Would I return to another event?

Would I recommend an event to a friend?

Other than that, MAD PROPS to Dirtpro for stepping up as some kind of command where we had none.  The company commanders literally talked to us twice, beginning of the event and end.  It was fun to hang with Hoober for longer than a few minutes in the admin shack. 
And Rekkon..... sorry we were so late for that LPOP relief.

EW VI - US 3rd Squad
EW VII - US 1st squad

Everybody wants to be special (forces)
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And Rekkon..... sorry we were so late for that LPOP relief.
Apology accepted, Captain Needa...

Joking aside, I am over it, and I apologize for how I acted when you did show up.  Apparently we can blame Dirtpro a failure to communicate in any event.  The stupid thing is that at the time I was wondering how we were supposed to get up for the then-planned 0630 shift and thinking the guys on duty should just wake up the next rotation like we did the night before.  For some reason my brain never extended that line of thinking to "maybe you should do that now."

Plan:  Deploy Tag M203 rounds.
Perform:  My M203 grenadier vest carried four rounds well enough (used the PASGT pockets at EW), though it was a pain getting shells back into the pouches.  Five rounds (three timed, two chalk) were expended at the Humvee to get a kill.  Two timed rounds were fired in the final assault before NATO's battlecry of "no pyro!" filtered down.
Improve:  Cold rounds did not perform well, but not much you can do about that with green gas.  My last one actually misfired several seconds after I pulled the trigger, then farted out into the rocks next to me (fortunately the weak launch was not enough to arm it).  I brought a CO2 round and should have used it.  Tag shells continue to be a bitch to get in and out of my M16 mounted M203.  Consider using one of my other launcher.  Will likely just get Tag's standalone launcher when it arrives.
Sustain:  Number of shells carried was sufficient.  I should not have needed the five rounds I did to get that vehicle kill.

Plan:  Shoot people.
Perform:  CA M16 performed adequately, though I only got one positive kill.  First assault all hostiles inconsiderately died before I could spot them, second assault I was mostly hiding hoping to draw the Humvee into M203 range, and the final assault was mostly moving and bleeding.
Improve:  M203 keeps wanting to rotate and the heat shield likes to fall off.
Sustain:  Ignore my squad leader telling me to take .32s when I registered for .25s.

Plan:  Sleep in the field.
Perform:  First night was pure misery.  I got zero sleep and spent at least two hours walking up and down the trail next to the vehicles to stay warm and vainly try to get tired enough to sleep.  During our watch, I went back to the car to get my gortex.  There was sleep the second night, but due more to exhaustion than improved conditions.
Improve:  Do not attend any more events with nighttime temperatures that low.  I am a light sleeper, so even with proper gear, it takes a night of suffering before I can sleep the next one.  Pup tent was useful, but way too bulky and heavy if I have to ruck in everything.  Could have used the poncho instead.
Sustain:  Carried/rucked items (pad, MSS, poncho) were of sufficient utility for their size/weight if I ever get stupid enough to do this again.

Plan:  Eat food.
Perform:  Used an Esbit stove to heat meals (and get hot water as a side benefit) instead of MRE heater.  At the last minute Friday morning, I field stripped most of my MREs, which was a very good decision.
Improve:  Bring 1-2 MRE heaters for use on the march or when we cannot have fire.  Plan for using two fuel tabs per meal.
Sustain:  Worked great.  The hot food and hot chocolate that first morning did wonders to make me feel human again.  Field strip most MREs.

Plan:  Grenade spam.
Perform:  Threw four frags, two Tag, two TLSFx. 
Improve:  Separate ammo can with 10+ spare frags was unnecessary.  Even if I had had the opportunity to frag like crazy in every engagement, I would probably have been fine with the number on my gear/ruck.  Rearrange to carry more Tag spares over TLSFx.
Sustain:  Ten frags on my gear (two as traps) was sufficient. 

Plan:  Deploy pre-made grenade traps.
Perform:  We intended to trap the roadblocks protecting the second patrol base, but it never happened (and just as well).  I was also sorely tempted to trap NATOs Humvee when we passed it (but I figured I would just blow up people lacking eye protection after endex).
Improve:  Communicate what I have to leadership, so they can have the opportunity to deploy them earlier.
Sustain:  Two traps seemed adequate.  Did not begrudge their weight or bulk.
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