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Author Topic: East German open letter to soldiers and sailors of the revolution  (Read 849 times)
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Much mis-information and lies are being spread by the corrupt Western leadership and their lackeys the so called free press. Many of our own people are being tricked and mislead by these continual lies. Western propaganda must be stamped out wherever it is found!

Always remember we have peace, thanks to the Russians who are supporting us and protecting us in our continual fight against fascism. In Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania -- even in parts of the German Democratic Republic itself -- we are experiencing selfish and disruptive anti-socialist actions.

This turmoil is an opportunity for us all to re-energize our revolutionary principles and punish these forward-thinking forces that have rampaged as puppets of western industrialists and counter-revolutionaries. With all my power I wish to persuade the comrades of the glorious people's Army, Navy and Air Forces that now everything hangs on a hair.

You must decide for the sake of all of us to honor your oaths to defend the revolution and thus the People and the State.

This foolish disintegration has reached its limit and it is up to our saviors and loyal troops to suppress these mutinies against the People. It is impossible for me to paint an adequate picture of the crimes committed against the people of East Germany and throughout the USSR.

Their crimes on behalf of the western motivateds are so vast as to merge into one dark picture of murders, pillages, arson and debauchery. We must unify our revolutionary zeal and crush this threat to the will of the free peoples of the Soviet Republics. Make no mistake this is for the defense of the People and for the Socialist principles for which we have continually fought!

We must not wait! We may lose everything! History will not forgive delay by loyal revolutionists who will surely be victorious today rather than risk losing all!

Erich Honecker
Generalsekretar Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands
Berlin, 30 January 1992

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