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Author Topic: In Speech President Bush Emphasizes Freedom, Deploys Troops  (Read 696 times)
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WASHINGTON D.C. -- President Bush met with German Chancellor Kohl at the White House today, on the anniversary of the first opening of the Berlin wall, in Dec 1963. President Bush was planning a trip to Europe for a Christmas visit to American troops who have recently returned to Germany from Kuwait.

However as battles in Czechoslovakia continue to rage, the President has elected to remain in Washington and consult by phone with world leaders and members of his administration. Secretary of State James Baker continues to be in Paris with other NATO foreign ministers, awaiting a meeting from their Eastern block counterparts.

In a speech intended to be reminiscent of President Regan's 1987 speech at the Brandenburg Gate, President Bush last night again affirmed that the symbolic city of Berlin is the place where the Soviet Union can and does show its real intentions. He also emphasized that the United States will stand by our allies in all circumstances, just as it defended its allies in the recent Gulf War.

The White House, along with the Secretary of Defense also announced a series of large-scale military exercises in Germany to begin almost immediately. The annual "Reforger" exercise simulates defense against a Soviet attack on NATO by actually moving many thousands of troops, tanks and aircraft to Europe. Secretary Cheney insisted changing the schedule was a minor, administrative action and if anything is a show of strength.

In a press conference after the announcement Cheney answered accusations that this may incite the situation stating that "the President's message to the Soviets is clear. The blatant disregard for the Czechoslovakian peoples to decide their own affairs and the brutal grip of the East German government's "Chinese solution" must end."

Speaker Tom Foley, and Senator Ted Kennedy interviewed on CBS This Morning cautioned the President to not deploy military force for political reasons without careful consideration and encouraged more diplomatic actions be pursued instead.

The full text of last night's speech as released by the White House Press Office is printed below:

"Thirty one years ago, a barrier of steel and stone was erected in the heart of Berlin. It stands there still, now more than ever a relic of a bygone era and a failed philosophy. The barbed wire that severed a great city also proclaimed in stark, inhuman terms the unnatural division of Europe. Beyond its tragic human cost over the years, rending families and friends, the Berlin Wall has affronted the free world with an alien vision of closed societies where basic freedoms are denied.

The courageous people of West Berlin tend the precious fire of freedom as an example for us all. The city prospers and benefits from their innovative spirit and from expanding international ties. Its cultural diversity, economic vigor, and political pluralism are the fruits of boundless imagination at work in a democratic community. The United States is proud to have contributed to Berlin's freedom and vitality.

The United States is also committed to improving the lives of Berliners and to bringing closer the day when the city is again united. Together with our British and French allies, we have put forward an initiative to make such progress a reality. We want Berlin to enjoy greater access to the world through expanded air links, to be a center of international meetings and sports events, and to foster more human contacts which lead to better understanding. As I said in Mainz on May 31, we want Berlin to be a place of cooperation, not a point of confrontation.

Just as the barriers have come down in Hungary, so must they fall in Czechoslovakia, and throughout all of Eastern Europe. Let Berlin be next. Let Berlin show the world! The wall must come down. Let this be the beginning of peace reborn. Show us here, that you want peace.

The conflict in Czechoslovakia must must end soon, and it must end without Soviet tanks in the streets, or so-called advisers in the houses of Government. The people have chosen freedom; not once, but twice. Not just at the ballot box, but with steel, and fire, and blood.

The fires of freedom now burn most brightly in the former Soviet Bloc states of Czechoslovakia and Hungary.  

Inspired by their courage, and in plain view of the threat of Soviet Armies threatening the new borders of freedom, we cannot help but to respond vigorously ourselves. American armed forces are at this time conducting exercises originally planned for February. They demonstrate American skills, resourcefulness, and commitment by leaving for Europe just days before Christmas.

We do not seek battle, but neither will we shy away from it. History and the free world wait. We look forward to a world without walls, or the the dust and smoke caused by the engines of war.

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