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Author Topic: Bundeswehr prep and repair  (Read 906 times)
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« on: October 28, 2014, 10:16:01 pm »

As we begin to wind up towards this years event, I have begun to take an inventory of all the things that need to be fixed from the last time! (Or new projects for this year!)

And I figured I would share them here as a way of motivating myself, and hopefully getting a hand where needed.

First up on the block was actually my B8v nightvision scope, it had made it out to EW last year unscathed, and worked perfectly the first day. However, the first nightfall came and it decided it was done. Came back on once back in az, and hasn't since.

But, I must leave you with no images on this, as the phrase "Well it cant get any MORE broken can it" came back and bit me, and I had to focus the rest of the night on:

The MG42 Battery box!

This was a box issued with the MG42 tripod. It provides illumination to the sight, and it gives the gunner a small pen light to use.

* odd side note, can also be used to power the german Z24 optics illumination as well, same port.

Small box in front.

Mine came with the MG42 Tripod I had bought here just after the last eastwind, and was a sweet surprise to me, as I had never known they existed until I saw them with the tripod.

I had largely tossed aside the one I had received, as the tripod was my main concern, however, when the other project went to the wayside, I already had my electronics tools out, so I figured I would give it a look.

I could not get this particular unit to work in-box, and figured it had to be the connection, and it turned out, I was right!

The box is designed to be waterproof, and in doing so, the method for securing the top plate puts enormous strain on the box, and often snaps the plastic base.

This will make it unusable, as it will not form a connection to compete the circuit, no matter how well it is pushed down or secured.

I am still solving the issue now, and will either add a plate to the base, or use a direct wire-in for the batteries,

BUT, for now, tripod has working illumination!

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