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Author Topic: Notes on talking about East Wind 8 on the net.  (Read 788 times)
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Firstly, I'll be putting announcements up at all the places I am currently registered at today as well as the follow on "this is what we do here" picture posts.    I think it works best if I put the posts up since more than likely I will be there to answer questions when they come up so if you're on a forum I am on, just hold fast, I'll have an announcement up soon!

Next up, answering questions!  

Please DO answer questions if someone asks an experience question and you HAVE BEEN TO EAST WIND.  

Please DO NOT answer admin questions, drop me or Tascabe a PM and we'll hop over and talk about it.  it saves us having to stamp out a lot of incorrect or misconstrued information that way.  

Pleast DO NOT even think about answering "experience" questions if you have not yet been to an East Wind event.   I know we are all a big community here and new guys are as much a part of it as anyone else but people who are on the outside looking in need answers with some perspective attached and that comes best from guys who have been to an event.

If you do put up an announcement post, make sure to let me know where it is by posting it in this thread here so I can keep track of them all and stay on top of all the questions.  I cannot stress enough how important this is.  

Other than that, have fun!  
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