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Author Topic: Recovery of The Furnas M882 and M884  (Read 2176 times)
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« on: August 03, 2014, 08:49:35 pm »

I spent the weekend up in Nebraska tinkering on a pair of M880 series trucks with Furnas, Austin and Dave's buddy Phil. 

Dave's uncle has had these two parked up at his place for quite some time, they were originally procured through the DRMO system for use in their town and after a while surplussed out and sold to Dave's uncle. 


One of them is an M882 like 706 and 707 are. 

The other is an M884 shelter carrier.

Neither truck is currently in a running state.   Both are currently beset with electrical gremlins. 

The 882 does not have spark when cranking either due to a bad ignition switch or a bad wiring harness.   We could bypass the switch and kick the starter over and it would fire up (eventually).    Additionally, it does not seem to be charging it's battery most likely due to bad wiring up to the amp meter which runs in series on these trucks.  Lastly, the carb was full of Hershey's chocolate syrup and the rapid strip down and cleaning I gave it has not yet gotten the thing to idle smoothly just yet. 

The 884 does not seem to have spark when cranking no matter what we do.  I can test fire the coil, test the pickup on the distributor, check the module, check the ballast, and we have voltage everywhere we are supposed to but when cranking, we get no spark until we stop cranking when we reliably get one quick spark at the end. 

We were not really prepared for major electrical work (as in I did not have any electrical tools nor even a multimeter) and we were generally lacking on some of the larger tools that we needed for things like getting stuck lug nuts off so alas, we did not actually  get them recovered this time around.  We'll need to make another run at it in a few weeks and see if we can have some success then. 


AJ learning about the grease zerks for the front wheel bearings.  (Very important on the M880 series)

Teamwork used to start the M882.  Phil is shooting in ether while turning the distributor (it had been removed) trying to find a point where it would fire.  AJ is running the gas pedal, I am applying 12V to the coil positive via a jumper while jumpering the relay to the starter to get it to turn over.   We are feeding out of a temp gas can in this pic since the tank gas was no doubt good an evil after sitting in there for the last 12 years. 

Flushing out the cooling system, it was quite mudded up in there causing things to not cool as well as we would like  After an immense amount of flushing we eventually started getting clear water out.  Still needs to acid to break things up in there and get stuff to actually flow but at least most of the mud is out now. 

One of the trucks had been parked next to this 50s Chevy truck.  As you can see, a tree grew up along side of it, grew around the mirror, and eventually snatched it clean off the truck.  Don't see that every day! 

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« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2016, 10:00:53 pm »

M882 bed, seat, and dash removed (what hadn't crumbled in my hands). Ready to be power washed.

Near future to do:
1. Finish rebuilding carburetor.
2. Replace thermostat.
3. Flush coolant system.
4. Power wash all metal surfaces.
5. Rust repair.
6. "Linex" interior and undercarriage.
7. Repair damaged body panels.
8. Remount fuel tank and pump.
9. Paint MERDC pattern. Looking for anyone with paint.
10. Replace 16.5" tires and rims with 16", 8 lug, 5 inch center hole.
11. Replace seat and dash.
12. Redo wooden slats on troop seats. Repaint.

And, and, and...........

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