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In short, a cover page for an operations manual for an M-125 Fialka cypher machine.  Markings translate to read: "Cryptologic material!  Secret restricted material."

I'm thinking cover sheets for German specific classified docs!

Every little bit adds to the immersion.  And it looks simple enough to mock up in illustrator.  Just need to lay in a stock of pink paper.

- Куперов

OP: EW-IV - Ef. - 1SEC RTO
OP: EW-V - Jr. Lt. - XO
OP: EW-VI - Sr. Lt. - CO
OP: EW-VII - Sr. Lt. - HQ RTO
OP: EW-VIII - Capt. - Dacha in Urals
OP: EW-VIIII - Maj. - Desk in Moscow
OP: EW-VIIIII - Lt. Col. - CO Space Forces
OP: EW-VIIIIII - Marshal of the Soviet Union
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