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Author Topic: Grenzer Virtual PCI 2015  (Read 1810 times)
Master Chef
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Ich bin der Meisterkoch!

« on: February 16, 2015, 05:18:58 am »

Last time I'll do PCI for OP:EW, almost brings a tear to my eye...

1. Hemdbluse and Tie, pressed
2. 2x Summer FDA Blouse
3. Winter FDA Blouse
4. Winter Overwhites
5. Overseas cap
6. Scarf
7. Goggles
8. Sleeping Bag
9. 3x Summer FDA Trousers
10. Helmet
11. Pile of FDA Suspenders
12. Work Gloves
13. Pair socks (one pictured, 10 total)
14. 1x Polypro Bottoms (one pictured, 3 total)

1. Wool Blanket
2. Binoculars
3. Zeltbahn (Green pouch contains poles and stakes)
4. Ground Sheet (underpouch, on top of zeltbahn)
5. Mess kit with silverware
6. First Aid Kit (Gaz 69)
7. Rifle with BBs, Gas and Magazines
8. Flashlight
9. Gen 2 webbing system with spare canteen and rolled rain cape
10. Field pack with 3 straps
11. Personal Care Kit
12. Watch
13. Equipment Care Kit
14. Compass and Kurvimeter
15. Esbitkocher and fuel
16. Notebook and pencil
17. Entrenching tool with cover

1. Boots, Goretex Lined (one shown 2 total)
2. Winter Hat (for anyone who wanted to know why mine is always so crisp and square, there you go)
3. Tang Communism
4. Squad First Aid kit
5. Coffee and Percolator
6. Personal pocket knife
7. Butter dish for scooby snacks
8. Recipes in separate write in the rain pad
9. mouse-proof container for coffee stuff

Not pictured:
Most all the squad's food
Gaz 69
Dead rags
Warm gloves
Foot Locker
Purification Tablets
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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 02:13:47 am »

Left to right, top to bottom

2X summer FDU
Winter FDU
Dress uniform and Hemdbluse

Wool blanket
Sleeping bag liner
3 piece USGI cold weather sleeping bag
Duffel bag 1

Civilian sweater
NVA sweater
Gas mask bag
Side cap
Duffel bag 2
Mess kit with silverware
Dead rags
Zeltbahn w/ poles
Dress belt
Field belt
2X mag pouches, 4 mags, mag loader (inside top pouch)
Assault pack straps
Typ II bayonet
Y strap
Helmet and cover
3X canteens

2X Assault packs
Approved AK variant
NVA box light
Map case
NVA Marschkompass
EW dog tag
Mechanical wrist watch
3X postenfuhrer loop sets
First aid kit
Esbit stove and sewing kit
Toiletries bag
Neck gaiter, Scarf and 2X pairs wool gloves
V-neck tees, long underwear and collar liners
3 AEG batteries
Spare AEG parts
2X goggles
Mesh goggles (some in bag)
Many pairs of socks

Czech insulated Jackboots
NVA Jackboots
Mink oil
Boot care kit

Extra stuff:

Panasonic M5
EG Typewriter
Long range camera lens
Field glasses
Praktica MTL3
Praktica MTL50 (spare)
2X UFT-771's

Not pictured:
Baby wipes
GT visor cap

Still need to get:
Water purification tablets
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Master Chef
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Ich bin der Meisterkoch!

« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 11:32:21 am »

Squad rations:

Meal Plan:
18 Oatmeal per person (2packs a day)
1 MRE per person per day (issued by event)

Sat: Beef Stew
Sun: Erbswurst
Mon: Sausage and Kraut
Tues: Brocolli and Cauliflower Soup
Wed: Goulasche
Thurs: Bully Beef
Fri: Potato and Steak Soup
Sat: Town (or another variation on goulash as backup)
Sunday: Town

Also have coffee (1 shown, 3 total) sorted for us, and tang to help with purified water.

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Hauptmann Fabelhaft

« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2015, 11:43:34 am »

Chef, you are awesome!  Shocked

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Non Sibi Sed Omnibus

« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2015, 07:15:18 am »

Chef, you are awesome!  Shocked

He ain't called "Master Chef" for nothin'!

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