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I am going to mix this in AAR/story time format. And to do that I have to start at the beginning of the mission. I do not remember times very well, in fact I had to look up Misha's AAR to figure out what day it was, there was around 4 days we got little to no sleep and constant duty somewhere and it all ran together. Also times are probably not correct so correct me when I'm wrong.

Plan: Relieve Squad 3 of their patrol base in AO logan and carry on patrolling in the area at around 0900 (Tuesday). We were told we should be relieved in 6 hours but be ready to stay out there for 24 hours

Performance: After relieving squad 3 I decided to move the patrol base to a location closer to the border. We found a spot about a 100 meters from the border of the AO (by the map anyway) and we started running our patrols. At some point in the day I was called back to base. I received a new order as follows.

FRAGO: Infiltrate the triangle at 2200 and find as much intel as possible on the terrain, East German movement, and Russian presence. Do not engage the Russians unless fired upon.

I immediately moved back into the field and continued patrolling. At around 1800 we were heading back from picking up our dinner and ammo to our PB and saw what we thought were kids while setting up a trip flair. After a whole bunch of fun looking for what we thought were kids (were probably ZE EAST GERMANS) I get back and we had problems with our PB. We apparently were too close to a house or road or something because headlights were able to shine directly onto our PB. Nothing came of it, they turned their lights off and nothing happened. We decided to be safe and moved our patrol base back to squad 3's old location farther back. It was 2200 and I had called for a delay until 0200 because our squad needed rest BAD.

At 0200 Sullivan, Schlosser, and I set out for the triangle. We moved very quickly and carefully wanting to get a good picture in my head of the area as fast as I could and get out asap. After wandering for a while in it we came to the clearing for the power lines. I decided to move along it and see if we could see anyone. At that point we had seen or heard absolutely nothing, it was completely quiet. After moving about 20 meters east I heard a voice. And what I thought I heard was "Hey boy!". Even Schlosser and Sullivan thought that's what they heard. And after all the blind man problems I figured opening fire on what sounded like another hillbilly was not a good idea (only to find out later what they had said was the Russian word for halt that sounds extremely similar). The next thing I hear is "What are you doing here" in a thick Russian accent. By now I see them with their AK's gleaming from the post lamp off of a power line way down from us pointing straight at me. I look back and Schlosser and Sullivan, both have their weapons aimed and ready with their fingers on the triggers ready for the word. They ask me to come closer. Having lost the initiative I move to them, they are very relaxed, one has his weapon pointing to the ground now the other is holding it but not pointing it at me. They want to have a conversation, so I talk to them. They ask me what I am doing there and I tell them I am lost (not wanting to start WWIII... yet). After a minute they get on their phone and call the OIC. They then point their weapons at me and tell me I am being taken as their guest and to put my weapons down. Maybe 1 minute after that an Officer arrives in a vehicle to take me back to HQ. I look back at Schlosser and Sullivan one more time and see them slowly backing away into the night for some reason seemed to be undetected by the OP. It's a short drive and we arrive at the Russian camp.

I am pushed into the mess hall for a moment, guarded by one man smoking a cigarette in very dim red light. He offers one to me, I decline. I wait for what seems forever until the OIC comes back in and says the commander wants to chat with me. I am led into another tent. Lit by one small red light pointing at a chair in the middle of the room. I am told to sit down and wait. I do. I see the burn of a cigarette a few feet away and a light comes on. A man behind the bright white light begins to ask me questions. I see nothing of him, just a cigarette and smoke being blown into my face in between questions as if to change my answers. He starts to record us. I give him a fake name, not wanting the KGB to find my family. I notice others in the room (1 or 2) standing in the background, I see no faces. He goes on and on, I give him honest answers, most of which mean nothing. My radio lights up and I hear the voices of my alpha fire team leader calling in my capture. I know they are safe because alpha stayed behind and that means bravo got back safe to them. The interrogator thinks they are trying to attack and immediately stops the tape, cocks a gun and puts it on the table. He tells me to call them back and places the camp on high alert. They were already back and were on route back to base. I called them back and no response was heard. After a few minutes with no contact he called the men back. He then tells me I am no prisoner and that this interrogation was only precautionary. He released me at dawn at the border and I was let go alive.

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Thats interesting, as 2nd squad was heading up that step ass hill to blackburn we heard a vehicle door shut. That must have been you because it was the only one we heard the whole time waiting along that road for our ambush that never happened
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Dang, sounds like I picked a good night to NOT go snooping around on the boarder, looking for trouble.

Two lonely East Germans, abandoned by their  Soviet "Socialist Friends," and hunted or ambushed by NATO, probably would not have made it very far.  Of course if there was Hot breakfast in NATO-land the next morning that might not have been such a bad deal... there definitely wasn't a hot lunch!  Because I stop by for a visit. Grin

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I was one of the two in the background during your interrogation (Rory was the other). That was the most entertaining thing that happened while I was there. Sooooo funny.
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