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Author Topic: EB camp set up  (Read 1416 times)
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« on: March 26, 2009, 11:33:18 am »

While Misha will be releasing the official AAR soon, I wanted to talk about the huge improvement of setup since EWI.

While there is still room for improvement, EWII showed that the core guys are getting up to speed on the knowledge about what goes where etc.

Tents went up almost like magic to me. I did not have to be there for it to happen - that is a huge improvement.

One thing that sticks in my mind is the discone antenna - one minute it was not there and a little later I looked and it was up and secured. How in the hell did that happen? Smiley

While I still have not gotten things organized and labelled fully - some things got where they belonged without my involvement at all.

EWIII should be much smoother yet.

I am already on the hunt for a Duece just to haul gear to site.  That will allow us to pack the thing in an organized manner so unloading is smoother - not willy-nilly however I could find room on other trucks and trailers.

Hopefully I will also have a trailer for it to haul the UAZ so we can travel smoother on the highway.

Labelling boxes and getting things more logically organized is another big task for this year.

I also have a better idea of what goes where in terms of supply/storage.

All comms gear will go in the TOC - rear vestibule.  The comms officer will have the duty to assign it out as needed.

More shelves in the supply room vestibule to organize those items better.

Heavy duty shelves for the kitchen to organize food and supplies in there.

There is much more running through my head but that covers the high points.

To all that were there and kicked ass - thank you.

You are no longer "ghosts" you have progressed futher up the chain - some of you are nearing "Dedi" status even.

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