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Author Topic: Unified Warpac Training Center  (Read 2872 times)
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I hope you do not mind if I stick "maximizing reliability for greater East Wind experience(of zero weapon malfunction)" guide here?

Found this to explain importance of sorbopad(used when correcting AoE and making gearbox shell last basically forever):
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Please start a new thread over in General so we all can benefit from it.  I'm hoping to gear the training site toward East Bloc fieldcraft and the Soviet/East German military complex.  If there's going to be an article on airsoft, it's probably going to look like this:

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport that uses replicas of firearms that propel 6mm plastic BB's.  Operation: East Wind uses Airsoft to resolve it's armed conflict because it is relatively cost effective, achieves an acceptable enough level of realism to clearly decide the outcome of a firefight, and armaments are readily available to the general public without the concerns or risks involved in transporting actual firearms, especially across state lines.

If you've never participated in an Airsoft event before, it is encouraged, but not required for attendance of Operation: East Wind.  It also gives you a good point of comparison between an average Airsoft event, and the Operation: East Wind experience!  You will fire a lot less at Op: EW.  Your adrenaline will be pumping at 0230 in your prepared ambush site as you finally see shadowy figures wander into your kill zone.

I'd then include some photos of basic essentials for Airsoft, such as Eye Protection, Gun, Battery, BB's, Magazines (with a quick note on types and how Hi-Caps are banned).  It would be brand neutral, referring interested parties to the gear requirements pages and forums for additional airsoft information.

In short, I'd gear it toward a re-enactor, an absolute crash course on what is airsoft, without becoming nation/side/brand/level-of-upgrades specific.

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