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Author Topic: Time is running short, some last minute reminders.  (Read 1128 times)
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Just a last minute reminder, we are one month out from the sign up deadline for East Wind 6.  If you are planning to attend, you need to have a deposit in by the end of Feb and your full balance paid by March 1. 

Day Player sign ups also close at the end of Feb so if you intend to attend as a day player you’ll need to be signed up by then as well.  We do not allow any walk ons to East Wind so pre-registration is your only way into the event. 

If you were hoping to get to East Wind and are not yet completely kitted up with your required gear you’d better get hopping.   Last minute gear chases are part of every years festivities so if you are running into a wall on one piece of kit or another make sure you hop on over to the East Wind forums and ask around to see if anyone can point you in the correct direction. 

If you are bringing a military vehicle to East Wind make certain that you have done all your maintenance tasks and that your vehicle is ready to go.  Change axle oil, change oil in transfer cases, change engine oil, if you have a manual transmission, change the oil in it, if you have an automatic check you oil out and if it’s suspicious, change it AND the trans filter.   Grease all your zerks according to the correct lube order for your vehicle (don’t skip the hard ones like the throw out bearing, if you’re thinking about skipping it, the last guy probably did the same) Check all your tires including your spare.  Make sure you have a complete pioneer kit, make sure you have chains or a recovery strap, check your first aid kit, make sure you fire extinguisher is charged and double check all your black out light systems.  If you are self deploying a CUCV, check your harmonic balancer, make sure both your alternators are charging well and carry a spare fuel filter with you.   If you are self deploying an M880 series vehicle check and grease your front drive shaft double cardin joint, make sure that you grease both of your front wheel bearings, make sure your transfer case lock is correctly adjusted, and feel around on the top of your fuel tank for cracks.   If you are bringing an M151, DO NOT EVEN THINK about coming out without changing your transmission oil and greasing every one of your universal joints.  If you are bringing a gasoline powered vehicle bring a spare fuel pump as well as at least 2 spare fuel filters.  Do not skimp on ANY of the above, East Wind is a tough environment and your vehicle needs to be in top shape to operate successfully out there.

If you are flying in or taking any other sort of public transit, make sure you get with us about your arrival times so we can see about getting you picked up and dropped off.  If you are driving from some distance away, again coordinate on the East Wind forum so that you can take full advantage of carpooling or convoying to make your trip easier. 

This is shaping up to be the best East Wind yet and we look forward to seeing everyone soon! 
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