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Author Topic: Kuperov's Black Book and Correspondence  (Read 1189 times)
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Jr. Lt Kuperov's Daily Journal, 09MAR-16MAR1991

This journal includes any notes I've written down whether they're in or out of character.  In fact, as the sleeplessness increases, in-character notes increase.

I also didn't take any notes after Friday, 16MAR1991.  Was just too busy.

My handwriting is shitty, so I'm doing the best I can to translate what I scribbled down in the few chances I had to scribble stuff down.  More often than not, journal entries were made during overnight radio shifts, or before going to bed.

Friday, 09MAR1991

Arrived on location at 0700, after 21 hours on the road.

Roman spent most of the  morning making his uniform pretty.  Met with swayze and several NATO players as they were gathering supplies for their camp.  Received phone call from Brett, with instructions to locate camp site, commo wire for white cell (game admin), and begin unloading one of the decues full of our tents, furniture, and armory and kitchen items.

It was around 1430 when Brett, McClane, and Steven arrived.  From 1000-1430 Roman and I unloaded the Deuce, could not locate commo wire run beyond a few short lengths of wire by the barbed wire fence.

With the additional manpower, we set up 1 troop tent, for section 2 (Arriving tomorrow) and section 3, which arrived this evening.  We also cleaned the port-o-johns and set up the BK1 Kitchen Tent.

We ate chicken and dumplings soup for dinner.  I demonstrated the primus stove for making tea, and we all went to bed around 2200.

Saturday, 10MAR1991

Another long day of camp work.  Section 2 and 3 arrived and were a great asset.  With their assistance, we completed the 2nd troop tent, mess tent, TOC, officer's quarters, and supply.  Floor padding was installed where needed.  Millet with cranberries for Breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and a Bulgarian Beet Stew for Dinner.

All of the tents except the mess tent have been trenched, due to the threat of rain overnight.  Boxes of supplies were moved into the TOC and half of the weapons were placed in the armory.

Daylight savings time is in effect, all clocks +1hr.  Not much of a change for me, considering I was on east coast time all along. (NOTE: DST doesn't effect me till I get home from East Wind, with the East Coast being an hour ahead, everyone at EW catches up to me, then I have to catch up to everyone back home a week later!)

During dinner, recieved brief on world events, safety and rules brief.

It's Midnight, now 0100 with DST.

The next page features a chart with chrono results:

Name - Rank - Number - Qty of Weapons - 3 Shot Chrono Groups per Gun - Passed

(1st Section)
Schlosser - Sgt - 452 - 3 - 413, 415, 415 - 375, 375, 371 - 323, 323, 323 - *Check*
Blake - Ef  - 036 - 1 - 307, 308, 308 - *Check*
* Jordan - Rya - 013 - 1 - 356, 342, 351  - *Check*
* Nate - Rya - 207- 1 - 367, 370, 368 - *Check*

(2nd Section)
Botashof - Sgt - 106 - 1 - 376, 380, 376 - *Check*
* Potyak - Sgt - 245 - 1 - 345, 349, 345 - *Check*
* Potyak - Rya - 076 - 2 - 331, 334, 335 - 352, 352 , 349 - *Check*
* Ken - Rya - 478 - 2 - 190, 45, 42 - 373, 380, 384- *Check*

(3rd Section)
Tochin - Sgt - 249 - 1 - 357, 360, 361 - *Check*
Roman - Ef - 375 - 2 - 398, 398, 402 - 327 , 328, 327 - *Check*
Kalina - Rya - 983 - 1 - 362, 362, 362 - *Check*
* Narkevitch - Rya - 812 - 1 - 392, 391, 388 - *Check*

Keith - Rya - 396 - 2 - 313, 313, 311 - 218, 218, 216 - *Check*
Steven - S.N. - 057 - No Weapon
Han - Rya - 913 - 1 - 368, 366, 367- *Check*

(NOTE: Names that start with * are EW Virgins at EW-V, these are the ones I mentioned having "Starred off" for throwing themselves on the grenade during grenade training video.  Also, Steve's Rank "S.N." is Soup Nazi)

The next page is my ongoing Russian cheat sheet:

Vesna - Spring - 1st Section
Zima - Winter - 2nd Section
Leta - Summer - 3rd Section
Osen - Fall - TOC
Priom - Over
Otboy - Out
Vas Ponyal - Good copy
Eta - This Is
Pa Angleski - In English
Povtori - Repeat Last
Utro - Morning - TOC
Dyeh - Day - 1st Section
Vecher - Evening - 2nd Section
Noch - Night - 3rd Section

The next page has a brief note scribbled at the top:

Real Concertina Wire on the field.  Be Alert.  Do not Disturb.  Must Locate.

Sunday, 11MAR1991

Finished setting up Shtab (HQ).  Assembled 4 R-159 Radios and trained RTO's on their usage.  Assigned to "Taste Tester" duty to ensure food is up to standards, that, and I get an extra spoonful of food, so no complaints!  Had Millet for breakfast, split pea soup for lunch, and Pork and Kasha for dinner, which was a variant of Beef and Kasha, as served last year.

2nd and 3rd sections sent on daytime patrol to locate new roads and determine driveability, recon was successful.

World events tell us about a ground war in Iran, with conventional and nuclear weapons.

1st Section went on a sit and watch at the border. They missed 3 1/2 hr check ins due to radio failure.  Fortunately, everyone is Safe and made it back just before 0100.

Orders Received: Goggles on as of midnight.  Helmet and Armor on as of now whenever anyone leaves camp.  Anticipate Atomic Warfare.  Maintain constant State of Readiness.  Issue ammunition.  Train Troops on RPG.

Monday, 12MAR1991

Another Birthday in East Germany.  Tactical, low yield nukes being dropped in the middle east, rumors of a NATO carrier fleet being nuked in the Red Sea.  The Soviet City of Baku was nuked.  NATO took the fight out of the middle east.  It is now a Global Nuclear War.

With that, all 3 sections have been hard at work.  We chrono'd this morning, seeing how we are "Going Hot".  All 3 of my weapons performed within established norms.  We all go tot fire the RPG-7 and RPG-26.  My personal launcher was modded with an inner barrel and can now fling footballs 200 feet.  This training was good, as this afternoon, 2nd section "Zima" encountered and engaged a British armored scout car with great success.  Tovarish Kapitan and I shook the shooter's  hand and rewarded him with a cigar.  He also received a handful of Soviet coins, a bounty previously established on the forums.

So after Dinner, the boys Surprised me with an "East" German Chocolate Cake.  It was a pleasant Surprise, and a tasty one at that!

1st Section is leaving to establish an LP/OP in West German Territory.

They will also provide support for 2nd section, which is going out beyond the border, deep into NATO controlled territory, to get eyes on an Airfield.

I am on the first shift of radio Duty, ensuring all sections report in every Hour, and logging all commo activity.

At midnight, I will go to bed, to resume my Duties at 0300.

Put up a large antenna array, installed an external speaker and handset, so communications should be more reliable.

It's hard, even at the end of the day, to remember everything that happened.  This morning feels like weeks ago.  Yesterday was a year ago.  Having been a Ryadovi Last year and now a Mladshiy Leytenant (Jr. Lt) this year, I am just as busy.  Less miles walked, in the same boots, but my feet are sore.  No overnight recon patrol, but I still only get about 4 hours sleep.  I am dirty, sweaty, and smell like I've lived in a trench, yet I am an officer in a heated tent, with one of the few chairs with backs in the camp.  While I agree that this in no way has anything on the boys out in the mud, blasting British armor, It is an equally challenging and rewarding experience.

So, First Section is Keeping an eye on Coleville.  2nd section will go out and stir shit up at an Airfield.  We suspect Canadian Airborne are operating in the area, and we could probably confirm this tonight.  Extra credit if we send of of 'em to hell.  It won't make up for 1.5 Million Dead in Baku, but it's a start.  Two Brit Ferret Crew confirmed, so there's 1.  A lot more to go.

Tuesday, 13MAR1991

Very successful day.  With all officers sleeping, I drafted a plan to send 2nd and 3rd section out into West Germany, to observe and report.  By the time  the afternoon arrived, we had 11 enemy KIA, the Ferret, and a Deuce Destroyed.  The teams would have stayed out later if they had more rations and night vision.  Sent 7 reports up to Battalion HQ today.  Most importantly, cooked up a plan, at the urging of political officer Sasha, to go to the border and transmit propaganda.  The video is hillarious.

The next page contains intel gleaned from a captured US Army Soldier

Unit Radio Callsign George 2-3
HQ Radio Callsign John 8-9
Night Vision Equipment PVS 14, PVS 003
Prisoner Henry Curfman
Affiliation - US Army
Rank - Private
From Kansas
Unit CO Warnick
Unit XO Alan Swayze
- Notes: Vietnam Vet
615th Canadian Paratroopers
5-6 Canadian Personnel
8-10 British Mechanized Infantry

There are two 9 Man squads of US Army Infantry


Wednesday, 14MAR1991

What a day!  Woke up to news that 3rd section captured a prisoner who was very willing to talk.  Info obtained on the previous page.  Found out a critical part of the RPG-26 was missing but we later relocated it.  Helped HQ staff runner locate a helmet he left behind on an overnight mission.  It was good to arm up and go for a walk.  2nd Section took out a jeep with the enemy CO and possibly the W. German CO too.  1st section was attacked by the British.  A woman on the British forces broke her leg, right above her ankle, when she mis-stepped into a trench.  I had a GAZ on scene, picking up first section anyway, so they assisted with medical transport.  When the battle resumed, 1st section killed 7 of them and an American ran off into the woods.  1st Section searched all of the bodies and found SOI Sheet, radio frequencies, and a map.  I typed up a report and it has been added to the stack of about 7 other reports waiting to go to HQ.  In 5 days of operations, we only lost 1 person, killed when a mine they set detonated.  Here's hoping we can keep up the great work overnight.  Mission to take Coleville in 10 minutes at Dawn.

The next two pages have the mission planning timeline:

2200 - Standby for 3rd section to contact via Radio.
   If contact, instruct to proceed to "Snapdragon" for NOD Fix/Replace
2230 - Brett and Buck will meet 3rd Section to fix/replace night vision at OP Snapdragon.
0030 - Wake 1st Section.  Brief on "1 Click = No, 3 Clicks Yes with Confirmation."  Issue 1st Section RPG-26.
0100 - 1st Section Reports.
0230 - Wake Commander.  Wake Kitchen Staff.  Go to Bed.
0330 - Wake 2nd Section, Wake 3rd Section.
0345 - Chow
0430 - 2 Section, 3 Section Depart.
0500-0600 - 1st Section on Station.
0630 - 2 Section, 3 Section on Station.

Contact Each Section.
Verify In Position.
1 Break = No
3 Breaks = Yes.

In Position? (3 Breaks) Confirm In Position? (3 Breaks)

Once each section confirms, transmit "Standby for Code Word."

0700 - Transmit "Raccoon".
0710 - Break Contact from coleville.  2 and 3 Sections move to Secondary Objectives, Section 1 Eliminates QRF and moves to Secondary Objective.
0715 - 2 Section returns to base with POW's.
0900 - 1 Section Extract
1200 - 3 Section Extract, 2 Section on Mission.

Thursday, 15MAR1991

Implemented mortar and vehicle training today.  2nd Section can now accurately place AT Mortar fire on a target with the 2nd Round.  Worked on establishing norms for Mortar setup time.  A trained team can set up in less than 1 minute.  The same team can fire 6-8 AT rounds or 10+ AP Rounds in 60 Seconds.

I am writing this report on the morning of the 16th, as I was very tired last night, and the rest of the officers did not wake me, as requested when anything "interesting" happened, like when 1st section was taken prisoner, or when Buck and Rory were KIA due to frinedly fire, or when Brett friendly fired Buck and Rory, or when Brett himself was killed after engaging NATO forces.

Friday, 16MAR1991

Noticably higher tension in camp.  I went out on a food run to deliver hot mess.  The drive out went well.  Got the Supply Assistant/Driver and Assistant Cook some time in the field.

This was all fine and well until we decided to return.  That's when the NATO RPG hit our Gazic.

So, badly wounded.  The Mermite can full of barley probably exploded and I'm willing to bet none of it burned.

You can't burn barley, it is impossible.


No additional entires in the Journal.  The rest of Friday was spent prepping for the Final assault on Saturday.

And speaking of, I received, on Saturday, a letter postmarked 13MAR.  It reads:

10MAR1991 (Local)
NVA Hospital #12, Military District South (Leipzig)


Capt Sherony, Sr. Lt. Tascabov & Jr. Lt. Kuperov and soldiers of the 7th Co. 5th. Indepdent Recon Battalion

It is with much sadness that I must inform 7th Company that a section of Chemical Defense Soldat will not be accompanying you during your maneuvers near the border of the Western Sectors of Berlin.  Due to unforseen circumstances with the Battalions moves to a new military depot we do not have the manpower or equipment to muster to be able to support your unit.  As well, the HQ unit of our 1st Company, which was tasked with supporting 7th Company, 5th Independent Recon Battalion is now hspitalized with a severe Syphilis outbreak after a nigh tof alcoholic drinking prior to their planned deployment.  The proper authorities have been notified of the grave misconduct and this should not be an issue in future deployments.

Military District South and Group Soviet Forces Germany have been Notified.

Unterofficer David Luther Barnette'
National Volksarmee of the German Democratic Republic
11th Motorisierte-Shutzen Division, HALLE
Battalion Chemishe Abweher. 1st Company

Below the formal letter is a PS:

I miss you all and the friendships which East Wind brings.  I wish you the best of luck and I will be seeing you all next year (2013) if all holds true.  Be careful but always remember, East Wind is the tip of the spear when it comes to realism.  Strive to be better, be accurate, and be effective.  7th Company is led by superior leadership, but even more amazing soldiers.  I have never served in the NATO forces, but I am fully convinced after seeing WARPAC in the field and on the forums that we are by far much more of a family than a team.  With that, family takes care of their own and always forgives and forgets.  Don't let stupid squabbles or things get in the way of WARPAC once again showing that professionalism is worth its weight in gold.

- Куперов

OP: EW-IV - Ef. - 1SEC RTO
OP: EW-V - Jr. Lt. - XO
OP: EW-VI - Sr. Lt. - CO
OP: EW-VII - Sr. Lt. - HQ RTO
OP: EW-VIII - Capt. - Dacha in Urals
OP: EW-VIIII - Maj. - Desk in Moscow
OP: EW-VIIIII - Lt. Col. - CO Space Forces
OP: EW-VIIIIII - Marshal of the Soviet Union
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I really do have shitty handwriting.

Edited out a full name.

Edited out a phone number.  I don't know why I wrote it down.


- Куперов

OP: EW-IV - Ef. - 1SEC RTO
OP: EW-V - Jr. Lt. - XO
OP: EW-VI - Sr. Lt. - CO
OP: EW-VII - Sr. Lt. - HQ RTO
OP: EW-VIII - Capt. - Dacha in Urals
OP: EW-VIIII - Maj. - Desk in Moscow
OP: EW-VIIIII - Lt. Col. - CO Space Forces
OP: EW-VIIIIII - Marshal of the Soviet Union
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