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Author Topic: Introduction Thread.  (Read 99904 times)
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Can I get a picture?

« on: December 02, 2008, 09:53:52 pm »

Was talking to Tascabe this evening.  Decided we should post an intro thread.  Help everyone get to know who is who.  Keep it to basic info.

Eastwind Callsign (i.e. What we should call you...):
Eastwind side:


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Can I get a picture?

« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2008, 10:03:14 pm »

Here, I'll go first.  It'd be nice if everyone would participate...

Eastwind Callsign: Misha Mikhailovich or Tovarisch Praporshik Smiley
Name: David Wells
Age: 34
Location: Blue Island, IL (just south of Chicago)
Eastwind side: Soviet - Russian
Background: Got into airsoft via Tascabe and have proceeded to buy up every single cool Russian piece of junk that I can afford.  I do mean every...-especially anything in mountain gorilla sizes!  I'm a reenactor from way back, (doing that about 20 years or so), various time periods, Soviet era most recently but go all the way back to mid 17th C. I do all sorts of stuff.  Got a degree in Anthropology/History, so I'm all into researching stuff for "fun". If its history and I'm near it, I'm digging through it trying to learn how it ticks. 
Been researching the Soviet stuff now for a few years but by NO means am I any sort of expert...but I know how to dig good and keep my head down so that qualifies me for infantry.

I was Spetsnaz Cook for EWI. (Cook by day, evil door kicker and killer of border guards by night...)
and I'll be your friendly Starshi Praporshik for EWII, you'll like me, I like to yell at you when you're busy screwing up. Smiley

It'll be fun though, I promise.

There, that wasn't so bad.

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Plays East Wind every day!

« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2008, 11:46:32 pm »

Well because Misha said so... or maybe because the DDR always follows the lead of the Soviet Union Shocked

Eastwind Callsign: Stagg
Age:I'm as old as my tounge and a little older than my teeth... which equates to about 23.
Location: Lawrence, KS
Eastwind side: East German, NVA
Background: Got dragged into airsoft by my ROTC buddies, who then abandoned my for real war, and a Commission.  So I reverted back towards my Civil War re-enacting roots, and started buying real kit and clothing...Then I moved to Kansas, played airsoft here in the Mid-west and have never been the same.
During EastWind, I was the 1st Sgt for NATO, where I evilly made everyone stand watch and do KP duty. Building off of that, I bought a CUCV for Eastwind II.  Then seemingly against all monetary reason, I switched to the Darkside.  Now I'm collecting all of Eastern Germany that I can find (although I let Tascabe have the commo stuff  Grin) That way my Zug (squad)  of NBC specialists can enjoy the highest standard of Communist living, as per the Norms of History. (Go ahead NATO, keep telling yourself that Chemical warfare isn't really going to happen at Eastwind.)
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The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some cool ideas!

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« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2008, 07:02:44 am »

Can't let the East Germans or those godless soviet oppressors out do us.
Eastwind Call sign: Little Stagg
Name: Michael (and if you haven't guess it all ready) Staggenborg
Age: 19... as of yesterday!!!
Location: Washington D.C. its along way from Kansas.
Eastwind side: West German... Hopefully, don't know if I can make it this year or not
Background: Got introduced to airsoft by my older brother stagg. Don't have a hole lot of time or money but I sneak a game in here and there. At the moment I also don't have a car and I'm stuck in the middle of a city where having any type of gun is bad. Another reason why I don't get to play a lot.
During EastWind last year I was a West German boarder guard, the only people to kill soviets while wearing ties. We were also the ones that the Spetsnaz Cook came a visiting at night. But I wasn't in when he blew our door off its hinges. Instead I was in the bushes behind him and promptly shot him (and a few others) in the back. Sadly he had brought the rest of the soviet army with him and they promptly killed me in a hail of gun fire.     
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« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2008, 07:24:44 am »

Eastwind Callsign: ASwayze   

Name: Allan Swayze   

Age: 38

Location: Kansas City

Eastwind side: NATO (Logistics)

Background: I concocted the idea of East Wind a few years ago and have been buried up to my eyeballs with projects and problems ever since.  I handle most of the NATO side logistics and planning as well as assisting Brett with as much of the East Bloc side stuff as I can. 

 I am, by trade, a robotics programmer (not as fancy as it sounds).  I am by choice a scrounger, tinkered and hobbyist of whatever forlorn gizmo happens to land on my work bench.   I am always finding myself in the middle of some repair job or another that I really should not expect to be able to fix.   Oddly enough, I usually succeed although that has a lot more to do with pure luck than most people think.   From Russian Night vision to lighting systems, to MBU burner systems I tend to generally be able to get things operational and bring us the stuff we need to make East Wind a great event while keeping the costs down to the point where everyone can afford it. 

East Wind II East Bloc Planning Staff
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« Reply #5 on: December 03, 2008, 08:47:57 am »

Callsign: Abica
Name: Joe
Age: 28
Location: Belleville, IL
Eastwind side: Soviet (Communications)
Background: I got into airsoft on a whim, for something to do..."go outside and play."  Before I even went to an airsoft match, I ended up at East Bloc training for EWI.  I quickly knew that this sort of thing was what I was looking for.  Now I run comms for 7 Rota.  I'm also the resident old camera nut.  

I'm working on becoming a card carrying jack of all, shooting, photography (digital and film), computers (fixing and using them), and music (blues harp and guitar) are my hobbies.  Employment has included growing up in an industrial pattern shop (learned the basics of woodworking and machining), tech support, promotions, retail management, cooking in 5 restaurants, and working for a criminal defense attorney.
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"Everything in war is very simple but the simplest thing is difficult"
~Carl von Clausewitz
« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2008, 10:41:10 am »

Callsign: Shilka
Name: Jamie Gallant
Age: 20
Location: Chicago, IL/Commonwealth of MA
EastWind side: Soviet - Russian URRAH! URRAH! URRAH!
Background: Student of Political Perception in Chicago. Major in Documentary film, minor in Political Science. Got into airsoft after years of competitive target and SASS shooting.

Always loved the AK and the antics of the Russian military. From its humble beginnings it did to me what this stuff does to everyone, become a bit more than just an interest. Was a Starshina at EWI with many fond memories, none of which have been permitted by Moscow Centre to discuss.

Edit by Tascabe: Tovarish Shilka overstates his importance. He was a mere Serzhánt. Yet he sees fit to report himself to be two ranks higher - bypassing completely the next higher rank of Stárshiy Serzhánt and right to Starshiná.
This will look very bad on his employment record and I am sure Praporshik Mikhailovich will have some "political training" for him at EWII.

Absolutely correct. A translated error on my behalf Embarrassed. Duty Car arrived, awaiting people court.

Added by Swayze: Run for the border Shilka, NATO can help you get away with our ever so slightly faster trucks (Deuce goes 56 mph)

I'll await the people's judgment. Stated was the correct conversion from Sergeant, but unfortunately to my error Soviet Deck Rank. Perhaps I will see my career in the Naval Infantry and find the masses forgiveness   Grin. Swayze, I can find no comfort in your offer knowing we have both Mountain Gorillas and Wolves keeping watch everywhere Wink

Edit by M. Mikhailovich The appropriate offices have been notified.  Return order was that you be placed with your home unit in MORPEH on garbage scow duty with rating commensurate to both branches of service.  Pripyat is universal. Smiley
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« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2008, 11:07:35 am »

Eastwind Callsign - Tascabe, Tascabov or Tovarish Stárshiy Leytenánt Gornast Stefanovich Tascabov
Name: Brett Conklin
Age: 31 (turn 32 at EWII:/)
Location: Glen Carbon, IL
Eastwind side:  Soviet

Well lets see. Started in ACW reenacting, then onto 1820s, then Lewis & Clark, then Mexican war and then F&I and mid 18th Century and several other time periods from time to time - all in all ~18 years of reenacting of some type or another.
Airsoft started officially at the 1st Toys for Tots game at Wildcat (Nov 2003?). It started creeping in when a friend showed us a cool Glock 18C - that was all it took.
From there the hobby became an addiction and then progressed to a full blown obsession. Even before East Wind I had way mroe guns and gear than any one person or even several persons needed.
Once Swayze started up with the East Wind idea - it got crazy.
Currently I have three vehicles to support East Wind and so much stuff filling my 2 car garage and spare room that I needed to buy some air mobile containers to hold it all.
I have what some might call a buying problem - I see it and well...I usually buy it if it is cool looking or might be neat to have.

So yeah that about covers it.
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« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2008, 12:21:00 pm »

Eastwind Callsign - ...uh,... what?
Name: Rory Sherony
Age: 26
Location: St. Charles, MO
Eastwind side: Soviet

Background:  Started airsofting in 2002. Airsoft is the main reason that I am banned from all housing units in the University of Missouri system, and my enjoyment of the game prompted me to enlist in the Army (which was surprisingly less fun than airsoft).  I prefer Kalashnikov series weapons due to their superior performance and reliability (in airsoft) and Brett made me buy Soviet gear.  I really was content playing in a chicom and DCU's, but Tascabe insisted that I was wrong. So here I am as the armorer for the EastBloc side, again.  I was skeptical when the concept of eastwind was introduced to me, but having attended last year, I can say that it is the ONLY airsoft event that I actually anticipate attending. Because of Eastwind there is a picture of me pooping in a box on the internet. I work in an office doing marketing and sales operations, and if you know what that means you would be better at it than I am. My main hobby is pushing AEGs (and bolt actions) to their performance limits, and I use airsoft games as an excuse to justify my constant AEG tinkering. Airsoft sucks.
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« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2008, 01:34:26 pm »

East wind call sign: Well everyone calls me Fish so...
Name: Hank Griese
Location: Eureka, MO
Eastwind Side: Soviet
Background: Dont have much, got into airsofting about two years ago via my friend bigfoot. Am still addicted, and am starting to do the reenacting side of airsoft, which is why I will be at EWII. Other than that, Im a senior in High school, and that sucks because I am bored all day. (I dont learn anything, I just sleep  Wink )
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Ostav'te net tovarish pozadi

« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2008, 04:51:08 pm »

Eastwind Callsign: Geetar(or Reaper)
Name:  Donavan Miller
Age: 17
Location: Edwardsville, IL
Eastwind Side: Soviet
Background:  My airsoft obsession all started in I believe 2003 or 04 when I was looking at toy(battery operated/no projectile guns =/) on  I then noticed a little section called "Airsoft Guns", so I took a gander and noticed that hey had all kinds of firearm replicas.  From then on I was hooked.  My first year or so consisted of an M4 and the very noobish(IMO) black "tactical" gear.  After a bit of that I signed up on the SLAP forums, played some games with them and had a blast.

So some time passed and noticed all these guys with AK's and funky looking camo, that is when I stumbled on the contagious phenomenon known as Russkieosis(lame I know Wink).  I then went on the market for an AK and got my baby the G&G RK103, been building my russian armory ever since.

So now that I have the airsoft part out of the the rest of my spare time I enjoy playing guitar.  I play primarily Classic Rock and all other rock(AC/DC, Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses).  I also like gaming on occasion, I'm a big World of Warcraft geek  Grin.

I look forward to sharing the battlefield with all of you this March.
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I'm not wasting my BBs on these f*ckers

Donavan "Reaper" Miller

Been here a while.
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29th Marine Expeditionary Unit MARSOC MilSim

« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2008, 07:17:13 pm »

Eastwind Callsign (i.e. What we should call you...):  Hammer 3-4
Name:  Rick Norris
Age: 42
Location: Marengo Illinois
Eastwind side:  NATO
Background:  Too much to list !  US Marines 1984 -1992 (Desert Storm Veteran), into real weapons and exploding targets.  Got into airsoft back in about 2000 or so, on a fluke when a buddy pulled out a walmart springer M92 and shot me in the leg at PB range.  It hurt and left a mark for weeks and ever since then, my mind is always in airsoft somewhere.  I created an airsoft team, Toxic 6 Ghost Marines, and built it up to about 20 or so turds.  Some of us decided to go more MilSim and from that vote, I created the "29th Marine Expeditionary Unit MARSOC" MilSim Element where I am the acting Plt. Commander maintaining the rank of 1stSgt (1stSgt Norris).  It is all ADULTS and is comprised of some civilians as well as former and current Marines, AirForce & Army.  All walks of life from truck drivers, retail managers, LE and so on.  The goal is to build a Marine Rifle Platoon, 41 MilSimr's.  Recruitment goes on......current body count of the 29th MEU is roughly 25 which includes persons in the recruit stages.  I buy everything I can to support my addiction, next up is a HMMV hardback with MG turret to mount my M240B or M249 SAW on.  Wife thinks I'm nuts.......maybe I am !  Really looking forward to EWII and only wish I coulda made it for EWI.

Semper Fi
See you on the Battlefield.......

1stSgt Norris
Platoon Commander
29th Marine Expeditionary Unit MARSOC
Military Simulation

US Marine Corps 1984-1992
Desert Storm Veteran
Semper Fi
« Reply #12 on: December 03, 2008, 07:21:13 pm »

Eastwind Callsign: Nevsky
Name: David Neff
Age: 37
Location: Dekalb, IL
Eastwind side: Soviet
Background: Honestly, I have been a "geardo" from way back, I mean anything I could get my hands on that was either OD green or camo became mine. I've only been an airsofter for about 2 years at the request of my oldest son and his friends. That made me the CO of Special Forces Airsoft, an ACU clad team of teenagers who needed a little guidance and direction. EWII will be my first serious outing and I simply hope to make the Soviets proud of my service.  Roll Eyes  I currently work as a Locomotive Engineer, I have served 8 years in the United States Navy, and I have a BSEE from NIU. I have always had a fondness for the Soviet/Russian side, maybe because of my Russian heritage?? Roll Eyes

Might know something...
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« Reply #13 on: December 03, 2008, 09:16:45 pm »

Eastwind Callsign - Coyote
Name: Steven Keiper
Age: 26
Location: Columbia, IL
Eastwind side:  Soviet

I first got intrested in airsoft back in 2001 when a couple of buddies bought some cheap springer pistols. I continued to toy with the idea until I saw the game of airsoft on Tactical to Practical. From there I found SLAP.

I might have stayed on the normal airsoft path of wanting to be a US special forces guy had it not been for Misha talking up Southern Furry & Tascabe had not offered to outfit me as a Russian for the day (think he outfited at least 8 of the 13 of us in one way or another). After that, the choice was clear.

I missed EWI due to a death in the family & am trying to make EWII despite being unemployed.

"FĂĽr den Schutz der Arbeiter-und-Bauern-Macht."
cannon fodder
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« Reply #14 on: December 03, 2008, 09:20:04 pm »

Eastwind Callsign: cannon fodder
Name:Cameron stelling
Location: Webster Groves, Missouri
Eastwind side: EB (NVA)
Background: I've been playing airsoft for about 4 years now(6 if you count the years playing in basements with springers and LPEGs) and just recently got hooked on the addictive EB side of airsoft after using a 56 at Recondo. ever since then i haven't touched my M4 and have bought up as much East German gear as i can find.

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