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Title: 7 Rota Orders
Post by: abica on March 11, 2010, 02:30:57 pm
Counter-revolutionaries have been agitating the people of Czechoslovakia during the past several days.  The scope of unlawful protests has risen to the point that Comrade President Husák fears for the public’s safety, and intends to meet with the agitators’ leadership in hopes of ending this danger to the populace. This meeting will happen tomorrow, 12 March.  Until that time, the dissidents have agreed to suspend incitement of unrest through defamatory propaganda and calls for unlawful assemblies.  Understanding that the Soviet Army has no wish to clash with misguided elements of the public, Czechoslovakian troops are cooperating with Soviet forces to ensure peace and security near Soviet garrisons within the country.

5 IRB has rotated to garrison in Totskoye, Volga-Ural Military District.  All essential personnel of 7 Rota have joined the Battalion in garrison.  Due to the recent unfortunate training accident, non-essential 7 Rota personnel are to remain in Germany to assist with investigation into the recent incident.

Despite the fact that counter-revolutionary activity has not reared its head within the DDR, Soviet forces in Germany has been ordered to a higher state of readiness in the event that the West becomes aggressive in an attempt to inflict further chaos and suffering upon Warsaw Pact nations.


7 Rota will relive detached troops of the 367th Independent Chemical Defense Battalion currently stationed at the Jahnke Mine Complex, Berlin Military District, in order that these troops rejoin their unit for subsequent deployment.  7 Rota is to be in place NLT 0900 13 March.

While the bulk of Soviet forces are deployed elsewhere, border security in this area, as well as observation of NATO forces, is critical to the security of the DDR.

Immediate tasks:

7 Rota is to arrive at the Jahnke Mine Complex, relive troops of the 367th, establish HQ, and ensure security of the section of the border running through the Jahnke Mine.

Subsequent tasks:

A general reconnoitering of the AO is to be completed as soon as is practical, conducted concurrent with patrolling and border security.  While maintaining a non-aggressive, yet vigilant profile, observe and determine disposition of area NATO forces.

End state:

Defined as having relieved forces currently stationed at Jahnke Mine and established security in said AO.


Due to the unique force structure of remaining 7 Rota personnel, Algorithm and Norms are to be implemented and established as necessary and appropriate during deployment.  

Service and Support:

At this time, assets organic to 7 Rota will be solely responsible for support of operations.  7 Rota should not expect resupply until arrangements have been made as to attachment to a local command.

Command and Signal:

Monitor 45.8 MHz at all times.

Due to the unique nature of 7 Rota’s current situation, and its separation from 5 IRB, it is possible that 7 Rota will soon be attached to a local command.  7 Rota still falls under the command of 5 IRB until further notice.  Because of lack of long-range signal equipment, 7 Rota will receive orders through FM radio, relayed through units stationed in the Berlin Military District.