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Title: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on April 02, 2013, 07:36:41 am
We have a good bit of pictures from the ongoing refurb work on Mutt 6022 (otherwise known as Fitz’s AMG or “the AMG”.    All the pics are scattered here there and everywhere in the various work weekend threads so I figured I would move them all into one spot so we can better illustrate progress. 

Aug 27th 2012, Fitz and Warnick buy a pair of Mutts off of Craigs List from a seller in Drexel, Missouri.   Both are crushed, one of them is a later model American General M151A2 that is destined to become Mutt 6022. 

Work grinds to a start on 6022.  This one came to us with a damaged front wheel bearing so we had to change the drivers front hub assembly just to be able to roll it.  Prior to that, we had to move it around like a wheel barrow just picking up the front end and rolling on the rear tires. 

Yanking out cut off sections of the ROPS roll cage. 

Original transmission, not so good… 

Getting the front end together.

Flipped on it’ side for clean up.   Was nice to see that the underside was in good shape and that the main support up front had been repaired quite well therefore saving us the usual hassles of doing it. 

As part of the demil process, 6022 had it’s suspension cut by the gov prior to being passed out of service.  Here Dave it carefully stitching it back together. 

Davey and Curfman, taking loose the shocks and removing the springs to let the suspension flip all the way back for easy access to do reweld work. 

Poor 6022 was always stuck playing second fiddle.  Here it is after having it’s front end and power pack stolen to stick in 6007 since it was judged at the time that we’d get 6007 on the road sooner.    In the picture, Fitz is installing the front end from 6007 which, in an odd twist, has a bad bearing just like the original front end that was in 6022 all those months ago…

6022 as it sits right now.   With 6007 on it’s way to a new owner, 6022 will be getting a new power pack and a cowl panel soon.   With that, it’ll be off to a good start and before long will likely be the nicest Mutt we have. 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on November 19, 2013, 03:19:54 pm
I have taken over the restoration of MUTT 6022. Fitz is moving and wanted to keep 6022 in the East Wind family. I appreciate the opportunity to purchase it.

A set of brake shoes, hardware and e-brake shoe (ring) have been ordered along with a set of wheel bearing and seals. Other luxuries ordered are a M151A2 operation data plate and a set of rubber boots for the various pedals and shift levers.

 Other parts will be ordered as needed (or as great deals pop up) during the continued restoration.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on December 03, 2013, 03:20:49 pm
Over the past few weeks I have brought small items back to my house to de-rust and prime. The battery box cover had some tiny pinholes. I wire wheeled it and used phosphoric acid to kill the rust. I then applied a coat of Bondo to the inside to cover the holes and reinforce other thin areas to prevent more pinholes. Battery box cover, b/o drive light guard, trans tunnel and small plate, and other odds and ends are primed with rust converter after being wire wheeled.

  The two seat frames had the caps pulled off and phosphoric acid poured in to the frame to kill hidden rust as best I could. I let it dry them shot a bunch or rust converter primer in and rolled it aound some more to try to get the inside coated well. I also de-rusted and primed the caps. The outsides are ready for rust converter.

I pulled the bumper, shackle mounts, and bumperettes off a few days ago. Hopefully I can put them in the steel shop blasted at work

I ordered a case of Rapco383 spray cans and can start coating as soon as they arrive. My plan it to have my MUTT in 3 color woodland like the deuce.

I will have some pics soon.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: Stagg on December 03, 2013, 04:56:15 pm
Yep, pictures of it didn't happen. ;D

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on December 20, 2013, 09:02:36 pm
Rescued the front suspension off of 6007.

Front suspension up on saw horses in the (heated) shop for refurb. 

Getting the axles pulled out. 

Hub cleaned out with new races pressed in. 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on December 21, 2013, 06:52:46 pm
Front brakes all done.  

Flipped over, top side cleaned up and painted.   Tidied up a few loose ends while we were here as well.  



Quality control staff approve.  

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on December 29, 2013, 03:40:14 pm
Transmission we had for this one actually started out in 6007.  It was rusted but not as bad as some had been in the past.   It was however stuck so we decided to go after it with some acid since it's not like we had anything with a stuck transmission. 

Trans as we got it.

Acid eating away the sin.   Num num num...


A few hours later, things started moving a bit, a few hours after that it rolled pretty well.   Here's me using a belt and a Dewalt cordless drill to spin things around a bit and break loose more crap. 

After another hour or so, I dropped the acid out of it, neutralized everything with a box of baking soda (making a lovely mess in the process) dried everything out and filled the transmission up with used gear oil that was queued up to go to the recycle tank.   It is not the prettiest transmission we have but it does roll smooth and change gears just fine so we shall run it for the time being.


Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: daddyo on December 30, 2013, 03:04:36 pm
That is an impressive recovery of an other wise useless future boat anchor.

Swayze you are truly the MUTT whisperer....

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on April 26, 2014, 09:48:19 pm
Work on the small parts continues. The seat frames are painted. The grill and headlight buckets are painted. Next up is to straighten and paint the hood. The wire frames for the doors need derusted and painted. The windshield frame needs to be cleaned up and derusted. Then the paint and glass.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on June 25, 2014, 07:52:56 pm
6022 made the move with the Western Vehicle Depot today.  It now rests snug and secure in a covered lean to section off of Dave's barn. 

On the trailer! 

Woops, wrong trailer, what I meant to say is on THAT trailer... 

Snug and secure in it's new home.  Just don't work under the mutt right there... 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: d.thomas on June 25, 2014, 08:04:49 pm
yeah, thats a couple hundred pounds of horse crap that is very old and rotted

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on June 25, 2014, 08:52:06 pm
Thanks hauling it for me. I have been continuing the job of painting the small odds and ends. Next I need to do the hood and windshield frame. My goal is to have most of the small stuff done so when the body's ready we can put it together fairly quickly.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on January 04, 2015, 06:50:51 pm
With the Bantam menace all tied up, we are primed for a new winter project out here.   With the fact that we already need to do some cylinder head work for 6008, we figured we would just kill two birds with one stone and haul 6022's engine out of retirement and get it sorted and ready to go. 

David ran out to Dave's house today bringing along a new seat bottom for still another Dave's M880 while relying on the ever helpful duo of Dave and Dave to help load 6022s engine up into the van.

Once free of excess Daves, David showed up over here at the house and we heaved the engine down onto the cart, hauled it over to the trusty block and tackle then lifted it up onto the engine stand. 

6022s engine is VERY dirty...  We spent much of the afternoon/evening cleaning, scrubbing, solvent washing, wire brushing, chipping, scraping and picking at it to get it nice enough to touch without giving ourselves rapid onset black plague from the filth. 


Step one, scrape/shovel off the major chunks of red Oklahoma mud mixed with grease/oil.

Step 2, pull off the parts we can easily clean at Davids work with Mr robotic sandblaster.   Take advantage of the teaching moment gained by breaking off one of the water pump bolts.

Looks like that freeze plug was leaking a bit, chip chip chip...  Ahhh...  I see why.   We had already planned to yank all the freeze plugs and scour the block out anyhow. 

Out into the nice 10 degree weather to solvent wash with the Binks.  You'll note a distinct lack of Allan and Curfman in this process...  We were both in the house boiling water for David... 

Back in from the Binksing.  We ran two gallons of hot solvent mix through the Binks and got good results but it's far from done.    Obviously, the hot solvent stopped being hot fairly quickly... 


We gave it a little more scrubbing down with some window cleaner and a some scrub brushes backed up with the needle scaler on the really caked up bits and got it still further down the road to being clean. 

Knocked out all the freeze plugs.  Block is pretty nasty so it will need a pretty good acid bath once we get things further apart. 

The plan is to resume the assault on this guy next weekend once David's back in town.   Hopefully another 2-3 gallons of hot water through the Binks will get it cleaned up enough that we can start breaking it down and seeing how things look inside.    Hopefully we can get away with cleaning everything up, replacing gaskets, replacing the rear main (evidence that it was leaking before) reseating the valves replacing the dented oil pan then sticking it all back together.   

As long as it all works out, the plan is to get the entire power pack stuck back together then go pull 6022 out of the barn and get the body straight enough to install the column and power pack in it then have it ready to run for East Wind 8.   Once Guy gets cowl panels ready to go, David will mass order all the panels he needs and we can do 6022 up proper this summer. 

For now at least, the ball is again rolling. 


Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on January 10, 2015, 07:43:39 pm
We got the engine the rest of the way cleaned up today and hit it with an initial coat of engine paint.  Nice to have that thing not be a complete ball of slime...  

Before we took it the rest of the way down to seat the redo the valves and look everything else over we decided to go ahead and fill the water jacket up with a phosphoric acid mix to chew out the considerable amount of rust brewing in there and give this thing a fighting chance at a normal operating temp.

The plan was simple, with the freeze plugs out, we would install rubber expansion plugs in the open spots on the back of the engine, put a 3 inch expansion plug up where the water pump goes, install the water neck without the thermostat then roll the engine over on it's side and fill it with our witches brew of rust eating goody goodness.  

System mostly worked apart from forgetting that the water pump bolts are through drilled so we had to scamper a bit to get some bolts in there to arrest the leakage.  

Tomorrow morning, we rinse everything clean and start pulling things apart.  

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on January 13, 2015, 02:36:10 pm
Oh wait, did I say not a complete ball of slime... 

My bad... 

We spent last weekend up to our elbows in black gunk pulling the engine apart and assessing it's condition.  Pretty grim inside.  Nothing that looks to have spun or anything but a lot more tracks and wear on the bearing surfaces that I like to see and at least a V8s worth of sludge built up in the pan and under the valve cover.  Additionally, this thing had unbelievable end play on the crank which I find completely unacceptable.   

We could just clean everything up, put it together and see how she rolls but I am thinking that is likely not the best plan.   Near term, I want to yank out the pistons and measure them, I suspect that they are .30 over pistons.  If so, I am thinking that taking the original block from 6001 out to the machine shop and  getting the original bore punched to .30 over then installing the pistons from 6022's engine into 6001's old block keeping the rest of the bits from 6001 in there.  6001 had very good oil pressure and it ran good, it just had low compression so that should get us on the road with a useful engine without breaking the bank.


Curfman scooping goo out of the oil pan. 

The oil pan off of 6001's original engine for comparison

Under the valve cover.   Yuck...  time for a soak in some diesel fuel for that one.

David scraping off the old oil pan gasket. 

Short video showing the end play on the crankshaft of 6022s motor

Pulling the rockers off.  More stuff for the diesel pan. 

Looking at the cylinders.  Pretty ratty in there too.  If the crank was good, I would just ball hone it, install some rings and give it a try but with the crank also being poo I think we are better off shifting over to the other block. 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on April 09, 2015, 06:45:02 pm
With the expertise of Allan, Stagg, and Curfman the engine for 6022 is 99% back together. I am waiting for a gasket, freeze plug, and carb rebuild kit. The rear main seal and flywheel also need to be installed. We replaced rings, bearings, and anything else that looked suspect.

(http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa367/Flyingvan911/IMG_1053_zps39lxrujc.jpg) (http://s1194.photobucket.com/user/Flyingvan911/media/IMG_1053_zps39lxrujc.jpg.html)

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on December 23, 2015, 12:48:14 pm
Work continues on the small stuff. Buying needed parts and restoring ones already on hand. The body waits until we are ready to begin hacking and welding. I should have most of the small stuff ready to install once the body is done. That will save a bunch of time. Though a mutt is simple, the process of cleaning and painting the bits and pieces takes a while. The dash panel is still the big wildcard. I thought I had one and it fell through. Guy hasn't started on a repro dash/cowl yet. No worries though. Everything will come together just as it has been thus far.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: David on May 09, 2018, 06:29:21 pm
Mutt 6022 was brought over to Allan's just over a year ago. All four fenders have been replaced and the dash/cowl panel has been removed. The replacement dash/cowl should be ready soon. Once it's in place the body work will be done. Everything else will be ready to assemble and finish the job.

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on May 12, 2018, 04:34:54 pm
Since David does not post pictures: 


David working on some repairs on the bottom using mutt on it's side technology. 


David cleaning up after repairing a few spots in the back of the bed. 


Cowl and side panels off of the dash area.  Waiting for new parts to arrive. 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: aswayze on June 08, 2018, 07:52:49 am
Some updates: 


This happened!  What is this you ask? 




Only the rosetta stone of mutt repair.  http://www.m151bodypanels.com was good enough to send David the first of the newly minted replacement dash panels for the M151A2. 

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: Master Chef on June 08, 2018, 03:33:17 pm

Title: Re: The consolidated story of Mutt 6022
Post by: tascabe on June 22, 2018, 01:25:51 pm
That almost feels like cheating.