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Title: Eastern Europe breakups, and crackdowns
Post by: Shoobe01 on January 09, 2011, 11:48:33 am
Sorry I've been too busy to post much. It's also been confusing. I'll summarize a bit for anyone else who has not been paying attention. This article, for example, was in the papers the other day:


Something similar is happening in Czechoslovakia. Apparently, we are soon to see something like separate Czech and Slovak nations. Yugoslavia might be more like five nations. Whether moving back to a Europe with 3 times as many states is good is potentially troublesome

This is even more confusing because in the rest of Eastern Europe, hardliners of various sorts, and even Soviet forces themselves, have stopped democracy in it's tracks. In Poland, for example, previous reforms have been rolled back and there is no end in sight to the "Emergency Government."

No one -- maybe not even hardliners in the Moscow -- seem to know what this means, but we'll continue watching and hoping nothing more serious happens, especially in the short term while much of NATO's military power is being moved to the Gulf.