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Title: Commander's Bulletin Board
Post by: warnick on November 15, 2010, 03:54:13 pm
Due to ongoing protests the THREATCON level has been raised from THREATCON ALPHA to THREATCON BRAVO.  This does NOT in any way mean that the DEFCON level has increased.  We are simply tightening up security around the base to ensure the safety of ourselves, our installation, and the kind people of Berlin. 

All parking will be moved 25 meters away from any buildings or sensitive locations.  All delivers to base will be inspected and all service members and families are encouraged to do the same.  We will be inspecting all visitors to the base and will conduct random in-depth searches.  Be aware that some of these actions may cause delays when entering and exiting the installation. 

Know that this is just a protective measure and not will be carried out until the perceived threat diminishes.  Take the proper precautions and enjoy your time here in beautiful Berlin.  Thank you for your cooperation.

As always use your head and don’t be stupid,
Dylan Warnick
Commander 315th RRC