Light Leaders Course

The East Bloc Light Leadership Course

Instructing others to lead, leading others to instruct

When the troops hit the field for East Wind in March, they can rest assured that they are being led by officers who have been trained to do their jobs as professionally as possible.

Over the last two years, members of the East Wind East Bloc Officer's Corps have attended a variety of training seminars and practical field exercises. Topics this training has focused on are items such as: Land Navigation in Day and Nighttime Operations, Soviet Leadership Philosophy, Communications, Orders Writing, Mess facilities co-ordination and much more. Each officer in the East Bloc Officer's Corps has been trained to do his job, his commander's job and his subordinate's job, so that complete congruity is achieved in accomplishing any mission that an officer may be given during Operation East Wind.

"You'll need this later..." An EWLLC Instructor lectures to a group of leadership corps candidates.


Leadership candidates are generally groomed from the Basic Warrior's Training Courses. Those who show promise and ability are generally urged to attend the the EBLLC to further enhance their leadership abilities. Attendees are generally expected to assume a leadership role in East Wind once they have successfully demonstrated their ability through practical and written examinations.

"Get to work." LLC Candidates having received the mission, go to work on planning and orders writing.


Recently, the latest leadership-training course saw candidates receive a mission order, prepare for it using the latest developed algorithms (according to Soviet Military Science), brief their troops and then carry out actions on the mission objectives.

"Communication is key." Leadership Candidates listen to an informative brief on comms procedure.


This was all done in accordance to genuine Soviet military doctrine/philosophy so as to accurately as possible emulate the Soviet Army experience.

At this point, many of the leadership personnel have had almost two solid years of leadership training and practical experience and are more than capable to lead troops in the field. Along the way the leadership corps has picked up some very promising candidates as well as instructed its current membership on an even wider base of information.

"Practice until you can't get it wrong." A candidate (right) works on splicing communications wire in an effort to master all there is about comms. Leadership Candidates would become responsible for all that needed to be instructed to troops or taking care of business themselves if need be. Therefore they have to know a lot about everything.


We believe that by growing the corps of leadership, the event can only improve each and every time. Good leaders make for a good milsim!

Training like this is designed to produce a leader who is capable and able to lead troops into battle during OP:East Wind regardless of the troops level of training. Whatever troop may find himself at OP:East Wind, he can rest assured that he is being led by the best officer that the corps is able to produce and that he is doing his job to the fullest extent of his training.

"The only way to lead is to know where you're going."-EBLLC receive instruction on land navigation using Soviet era compasses and maps. What sets East Wind apart from all other milsim is its attention to detail. Even the East Bloc maps were oriented in an authentic Soviet manner using the same grids, symbols and scales.


For more information on attending the EBLLC email us or check out the forum.

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