Basic Warrior's Course

Making Airsofters into Soviet Troops

The essence of every army is that it is well trained. A poorly trained army is no more than a rabble. So it has always been and so it will always be. To that end, we have sought to provide forces specific training to airsoft players who want to learn more about the armies that they are portraying in Operation East Wind. NATO Forces are instructed on proper NATO Forces tactics and field craft and so are the Soviet Forces.

"Listen and learn." - Attendees of the EBBWC listen to a lecture about Soviet Leadership doctrine.


Throughout the year, East Wind Training Command Center (EWTCC) conducts a variety of training courses for those wishing to participate in Operation East Wind and acquire and apply a base of knowledge that they might not get anywhere else when it comes to playing airsoft. Why? Because Operation East Wind is much more than an airsoft game. It is a full on field tactical exercise truly worthy of the words "Military Simulation"

"Dig in." This fighting position was dug by attendees of one of the EBBWC's held during the year.


"We'll never use this stuff." - An East Bloc Trooper sits in his dug in fighting position at Operation East Wind 2008.  Other fighting positions can be seen further in the background. Yes you will use what you learn.


Attendees of a East Bloc Basic Warrior Course (EBBWC) can expect to be instructed in a variety of topics. These topics include; fighting positions and their construction, Soviet Military Doctrine and how it applies to the basic soldier, squad tactics and formations, basic drill and ceremony (i.e. how to form up in a line to go to the messhall), field sanitation, uniforms and gear, weapons systems and their employment, Soviet Rations and mess conditions in the Soviet Army and much more.

"Fall in on me." An EBBWC instructor demonstrates basic drill maneuvers so that troops can be rallied together quickly and effectively.


The EBBWC is also a great time to get to know those who will be leading things at East Wind, because many of the instructors are themselves East Wind participants and have already attended both the EBBWC and the EBLLC (East Bloc Light Leadership Course) and have spent a large amount of time acquiring the skills that will be required to both instruct and lead men into the field.

"Band of Brothers" - EBBWC is also a great time to get to know your comrades that you will be living and fighting with in the field, before you get there.  Almost all particpants of the EBBWC who attend East Wind stated that they felt they had a closer "bond" with their comrades that they had already gone through EBBWC with.


It is a fairly intense training period. We have only a handful of weekends to help train people and get them into the "mindset" of what it is like (both at East Wind and a taste of what the Soviet Army was like) but for those who have attended, they all can say that the EBBWC did give them a lot of preparation of what to expect at East Wind and how to more accurately portray a Soviet troop of the time period.

"Forward!" Attendees of the EBBWC participate in a live-fire (airsoft) battle drill under the instruction of one of the EBBWC Instructors.


While attendance of an EBBWC is not mandatory for attending Operation East Wind, we do feel that it will give you a big advantage when time comes to strap on your helmet and "live the pig" as they say in Russia. We look forward to seeing you both at a EBBWC and at Operation East Wind soon!

For more information on the EBBWC and dates when it is held, please email us or check the forum.

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