Collar Liner Guide

Soviets Forces at East Wind need to have a collar liner sewn into any uniform that has a collar.

This guide will assist you in making and sewing in your collar liners.


1.Take a clean white cotton sheet and cut it approximately 18cm/7inches wire. Length would be a size of your neck plus a few cm/inches on each side.


2. Iron it with steam or sprinkled water. Otherwise you will burn it and it will get yellow.


3. Fold sides in.


4. Fold it again at the middle and iron it.


5. Take a white thread and tie a knot on the longer end.


6. Put the jacket on your lap facing toward you. Align liner with collar, fold one side in.


7. Start to sew it to collar from top corner. Liner sits 1-2mm on top of the collar (width of a wooden matchstick)


8. Each step approximately 2,5 cm/less then 1 inch. Make it even and in line.


9. Continue following collar. Stitches on the bottom of the liner 1,5 times bigger then on top.


10. Look from behind.


11. Repeat every time you are wearing your Soviet/Russian uniform.