Operation East Wind


NATO forces at East Wind NATO vehicles at East Wind

As a NATO soldier in the Berlin District will find yourself as part of an elite brigade surrounded on every side by the full might of the Warsaw Pact. If the Cold War went hot, your job was to hold out as long as you can and make the enemy pay for every brick, stick and curb in blood. It was common knowledge that there was to be no such thing as a victory for the Berlin garrison...
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East Bloc

East Bloc forces at East Wind East Bloc vehicles at East Wind

Operation East Wind is set in the DDR (East Germany) specifically the area surrounding the enclave of West Berlin. As a Warsaw Pact soldier in this time frame you would be finding yourself surrounded by a period of great flux. You are most likely a draftee serving your mandatory 2 years of military service, it is entirely likely that you are not getting paid regularly, there is considerable...
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The final Operation East Wind occurred in March of 2015

Times have changed and so we will change with them. The sport of airsoft is just not what it was in 2006 when we started on this crazy train. Rather than rowing against the tide to die a slow and painful death, we have opted to cut our events off while we were still growing rather than while we were declining.

We hope that someone, someday, will choose to run an event like East Wind again. We have created a page outlining the lessons we have learned over the years, in the hopes that it will be of some service to other event planners in the future.

The website will be kept here as it serves a purpose as a reference source to others, as well as a discussion forum for those who have come to past East Wind events.

If you have specific questions, feel free to drop us a line but do not bother asking if we are sure we are done because that is one thing that we are completely certain of.